9 Responses to The Outrun by Amy Liptrot

  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. It sounds both honest and beautifully expressed – your last quote is quite lyrical, not too mention hopeful. Lovely review.

  2. JacquiWine says:

    Funny you should mention H is for Hawk as it came to mind as I was reading your review (especially the section on Liptrot’s return to Orkney). It does sound excellent – quite a skill to be able to combine those different strands, but it sounds as though Liptrot has managed it beautifully. Really enjoyed this post – thanks, Belinda.

  3. Anne Hercock says:

    I missed this when you first posted it ( how on earth did that happen?) and only found it as I am half way through this very special book and was looking for stuff on it! She shows how dreadfully easy it is to drift into alcoholism and the courage needed to beat it. I find that part of the book so inspiring. I agree with the comparison with H for Hawk and would also include the nature writings of Robert Macfarlane. These three writers all explore the power and beauty of nature and our great need for its influence on our lives. Great review. Thank you!

    • bookbii says:

      Thanks Anne, I agree it is a very special book. I’ve only read Holloway by MacFarlane, but it is also very good. If you enjoy nature books/essays I highly recommend Kathleen Jamie (if you haven’t read her). Her writing is spectacular.

  4. Anne Hercock says:

    Thank you! I will add her to the ever growing TBR list.

  5. Anne Hercock says:

    I’ve finished this inspiring book now. Is it me, or do most reviews seem to concentrate on the black,drunk times and not the courageous fight against alcoholism and the impact on her of life on Orkney? Bleak at times- and I don’t mean Orcadian weather- this is nevertheless one of the most uplifting books I’ve read in a long time. My book of the year so far!

    • bookbii says:

      I’ve read a range of reviews and you’re right, a lot of them focus on the bleakness and the drinking. But it is an uplifting and hopeful book and also quite beautiful. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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