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Cure – a journey into the science of mind over body by Jo Marchant

I find books about health, the nature of the mind and body really fascinating, so this book by Jo Marchant was always going to be right up my street. In Cure, Marchant explores the concept of the mind influencing the … Continue reading

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Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights by Melanie Windridge

I would love to see the aurora, who wouldn’t? And yet I have this spectacular ability to miss them time and again. I don’t live far enough north to see them often, but there have been several times when they … Continue reading

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A Fortunate Man: The Story of a Country Doctor – John Berger & Jean Muir

A Fortunate Man is an unusual book, unusual but extremely absorbing. Taking the form of a photo-essay, the book explores the life of one man – a country doctor, Dr. John Sassall. At first he is called only ‘the doctor’, … Continue reading

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Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith

I have this terrible habit which involves going to the library and borrowing hordes of books that catch my eye, and then returning them unread. This is why I cannot be permitted to go to a bookshop in a book … Continue reading

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The Lonely City (Adventures in the Art of Being Alone) by Olivia Laing

I have to start this blog with a whole-hearted confession about how much I love Olivia Laing’s work. To the River introduced me to Virginia Woolf and W G Sebald (and I’m forever grateful) and The Trip to Echo Spring … Continue reading

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